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  • Forum Rules & Guidelines


    In joining this forum you are agree to abide by the rules as set out below or as amended as the management see fit.

    When you join us you will receive an account registered to your name and email address. You are limited to one personal account. The creation of multiple accounts with different user names is strictly forbidden and any such accounts will be terminated with no recourse to appeal, along with the originator's membership.

    It is just etiquette.
    If you're new, take the time to read a few threads first. Get a feel for the place; hang out a little; get an idea of what goes and what doesn't. There are countless conventions and unwritten rules on this, and every, forum, which you will only understand by observing others. If in doubt, keep quiet - it is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

    That First Post.
    When posting for the first time, please introduce yourself, preferably with your real first name. This helps people think you're a real person. Tell us a bit about yourself. If you have accidentally forgotten to fill in most of the details in your profile, like where you come from or what you do for a living, consider going back now and plugging a few gaps so that, when somebody clicks to see whom you are, they don't find a load of blanks. It is nice for all of us to know who we are talking with. It is considered as rude to jump in and join a conversation without first making an introduction. If you do make a post without making an introduction first you will receive a reminder asking you to make one. Please do not make an Introduction saying just " Hi I'm from wherever..." tell us a bit more about yourself, what's your main interests etc. Members who choose not to post a FULL intro may find that they do not have full access to the forum.
    To protect members from scammers posts in the classifieds section will be removed until an acceptable introduction has been made. No advertising allowed in the Introductions board.

    The board
    Is policed by voluntary Moderators who are experienced members of our hobby. They are also busy people with lives, jobs and families who give freely of their precious time to enable this place to exist. They have a sense of humor, which coincidentally lives right alongside their sense of annoyance at people who post inappropriate things. These require the moderators to regularly trawl through the all posts to edit out these posts and delete offending material and gets very tedious very quickly. Our mods are human and appreciate a little respect and remember, their word is final and we will always, stand behind any of their decisions.

    Be Circumspect
    This forum is growing into a wonderful and one of the most widely read MV forums and is read by a huge number of people in many different countries. So please beware of what you post may offend people form different parts of the world. Any racist or sexist remarks will be removed without notice & a warning will be issued to the poster

    The Moderators are in Charge of the smooth running of the Forum.

    No member shall question the action of the Moderating/Admin Team in an open post on the forum, if the thread/post moderation concerns yourself directly please take it to PM where we will discuss it. Any such posts questioning our actions on the forum will be deleted without notice. Threads are moderated for the benefit & smooth running on the Forum & its members, all moderation is discussed by the moderating team in deciding what action to take. We will not discuss any members business with any other member.

    The team is very helpful and approachable, if you have a problem with any part of the forum please contact us & we will do our best to get things sorted.

    Moderation of Threads/Posts FAQ...

    My Thread/Post has disappeared???

    If you become aware that one of your threads/posts is missing this is probably because it as been
    removed by one of the Moderators/Admin.

    Threads/Post are not deleted, they are moved to a holding folder where the reason for the removal
    is discussed by the staff of Abandoned Spaces ,one of three things then happen:

    The thread/post: Remains removed, Is restored to the Forum or Restored to the forum but Edited.

    Some of the text/photos are missing from my post???

    In some circumstances we may just edit a section of post, if this is the case the section of
    removed text will be replaced in red with the words Mod Edit

    Photos may be removed because they are not suitable for the forum or are too large for the page.

    Why was my Thread/Post Moderated???

    There could be a number of reason for this, Political or Religious comments, Flaming, Foul language etc.

    The thread may also of been reported to the Moderating team by another member for us to look at, in this case we will never disclose the identity of that member.

    In most cases we will notify you ASAP that Thread/Post is being moderated, We do not allow the same post to be posted on multiple boards.

    These will inevitably occur (this is a discussion forum after all, which relies on differences of opinion to exist), and when they do we ask you to maintain your dignity. You are entitled to express any opinions you choose, but you will be required to defend them in rational debate should we disagree. 'It's just my opinion' is not a valid excuse for being wrong. If you think something you are about to post might risk inadvertently offending another member and you want to tone it down a little, try using one of the smilies to introduce a grin or a wink into your post.

    Politics,Religion & Sports.

    Religion & sports have no relevance to this forum so please refrain from posting subjects on this matter

    Politics creeps into every day life and the movement has, like all others its fair share of politics - but it isn't tolerated here on this forum. Yes, sometimes we can all have a bad day but please keep it off the forum.


    To save straying into Politics, E-Petitions may be locked or deleted where we see fit.

    Flaming, Offensive Remarks & Foul Language:
    Aggressive posts, defamatory/libellous/offensive-inflammatory remarks, foul language, or harassment of other members will not be accepted (otherwise known as flaming). As these forums are often viewed both at home and in workplaces, family language is encouraged. Please remember this is an open forum & non members can read all the material contained in it, please remember that women & children read the forum.

    Make sense.
    The only things that matter on this forum are your words and they're the only way you have of gaining respect from this community. Use them wisely. While you won't find yourself gagged for miss-spelling, the forum does include a built in spell checker, we do urge you to take time over your posts so that we can read them. Please do not type entirely in CAPITALS.

    Usernames, Signatures and Avatars
    Anything offensive or political will be removed, unacceptable usernames will not be granted membership.
    We reserve the right to edit signatures & remove images from signatures.
    No advertising in signatures without prior arrangement.


    Members may only post images/text on the forum if they own the copyright to them or have written permission from the copyright owner to publish them, in posting images on the forum you are confirming that you have these rights to post the images/text. If we suspect any material which breaches someone's copyright we will remove it until proven otherwise. Please note, this advice is provided for informational purposes only. It is not, nor is it intended to be, legal advice or a substitute for legal advice

    Legal Advice.

    Please note that any legal advice given or implied anywhere on this forum is the poster's own interpretation of the law & not necessarily correct. Proper legal advice should always be taken if in any doubt.

    Admin Emails

    Abandoned Spaces may send out Newsletters & Important Forum Announcements via email. If you would like to opt out of receiving Admin Emails then use the setting in the User Control Panel.

    Please Note that if you do use the Opt Out option then we will not be able to inform you of any important Forum changes that may affect your account,
    notify you of any planned downtime due to maintenance or other important Announcements.


    The following may get you instant ban.

    Links or reference to extreme religious/extremist groups, pornographic sites, violent/graphic & pornographic images.
    Foul language.
    Flaming of fellow members.

    Racist or Homophobic Comments.
    Inappropriate Jokes/Humor.
    Posting copies of Private Messages on the forum without senders permission.