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  • Leh Palace: the abandoned palace of the Himalayas with a breathtaking view

    Completed in the 17th century, this gigantic nine-story structure is located in the town of Leh in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir, and is one of the finest surviving examples of medieval Tibetan architecture. With a breathtaking view of the Himalayas, the palace today is a popular tourist attraction for visitors from around the world. Construction of the palace...
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  • Ilhéu de Santa Maria: The first stop of Charles Darwin's famous scientific journey with the ship HMS Beagle

    Solitude placed in the middle of a perfect solitude: left and right only the vast ocean, above the endless blue sky. This is literally the short description of the island country of Cape Verde, which is situated on an archipelago formed of around ten islands in the central part of the Atlantic ocean. The islands are from volcanic origins and the nea...
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  • Château de Bonnelles: A castle strongly connected with the amazing life of the Duchess of Uzès

    The Castle of Bonnelles (Château de Bonnelles) is a partially ruined building with huge historical and cultural value located in the village of Bonnelles, near the town of Rambouillet (department of Yvelines in the region Ile-de-France), France. After years of standing in disrepair, today it is undergoing a complete renovation. The Castle of Bonnelles in 2006. Author: ℍenr...
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  • Anhalter Bahnhof - A gorgeous train station destroyed during the bombing of Berlin

    Even though little remains of it today, this magnificent structure in Berlin once served a real purpose. Once opened, it was among the biggest train stations in the world. Initial construction started in 1831 and was named for the state of Anhalt, which it ran directly through. The train station in 1910. Author: Waldemar Franz Hermann Titzenthaler Public Domain This train station was not the first railway in Germany--that title belongs to Bayerische Ludwigseisenbahn--nor it was the first to eve...
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  • The Penthouse Adriatic Club Casino and the Haludovo Palace Hotel: opulence behind the Iron Curtain

    Behind the Iron Curtain there once lay a country whose glory and economic ideas spread across the world like a fire on a high wind. A country whose space program was recently revealed in an eye-opening documentary by HBO Europe depicting what some people would have considered a this rather conservative country in quite a different light. The country was Yugoslavia, which decided to open its borders in 1967 and lighten its visa requirements, and so became open to the world and embraced foreign investments. The in...
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  • Folsom Powerhouse: a pioneering power station in the United Sates

    Back in the days when the technology of electricity was relatively young, the only possible current was the one called DC or direct current. The drawback of this type of electricity was that a power station was required every few kilometers, but a solution was found by the inventor Nikola Tesla when he developed the AC or alternating current. Folsom Powerhouse sealed doors. Author: Nick Ares CC BY-SA 2.0 What this type of curr...
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  • Highland Park Ford Plant: where the continuously-moving assembly line was born

    Highland Park Ford Plant has a deeply significant role in the history of the automotive industry; it was here that some of the most notable inventions and economically influential ideas were born. Henry Ford, together with his loyal and skilled engineers, developed the technique of mass production when they invented the continuously moving assembly line at this factory. Ford Highland Park plant exter...
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  • The ruins of Richmond Castle: one of the oldest Norman fortresses in England

    Richmond Castle is one of the most stunning stone ruins in Norman style which stands in the center of the English market town of Richmond. The construction of this magnificent building began around 1070 when Alan Rufus, also known as Alan the Red, decided that the area needed a military stronghold. After the Norman Conquest, Alan hired many architects and designers to help him...
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  • McLean's Mansion (Holly Lea): The historic building that was saved by the local community from demolition

    McLean's Mansion is located in the center of the city of Christchurch, South Island, New Zealand. At first the mansion was called "Holly Lea", but later it became known as McLean's Mansion, after its first owner. It is believed that at the time it was the largest wooden house in New Zealand. At its highest peak it was celebrated because of its outstanding...
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  • Boblo Island Amusement Park: closed after nearly 100 years

    By their very nature, amusement parks are places of fun, relaxation, excitement, and recreation. One such an example is Boblo Island Amusement Park initially opened on Bois Blanc Island in Ontario in 1898. For visitors based in Detroit, it was about 30 kilometers away and could be reached by ferry. BOBLO Island poster. Author: el cajon yacht club CC BY 2.0 The SS Ste. Claire and the SS Columbia offered ferry services to all those wishing to...
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  • Kustendorf and Kamengrad: Two artificially*constructed traditional towns built by famous Serbian film director Emir Kusturica

    In 2004, Emir Kusturica finished filming his seventh feature film; Life is a Miracle, which was accepted into the main competition of the 57th Cannes Film Festival. There is no doubt that Kusturica is a champion at Cannes, where he has earned 2 Palme d'Or's: in 1985 for When Father Was Away on Business and again in 1995 for Underground; and one for Best Director (Prix de la mise en scène)....
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  • Garnet, Montana: a community created by the gold rush and destroyed by fire

    Once an active and vibrant town in Granite County, Montana, the American town of Garnet is about 17 km up the Garnet Range Road and deep inside forest, 1,800 meters above sea level. This little mining town was founded in the 1860s, and its inhabitants were closely tied to the environment both above and below the ground. Garnet, Montana. Author: Bureau of Land Management - Garnet Ghost Town, Montana Public Domain This town, now abandoned, is domina...
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  • The biggest mall in the world is empty: the South China Mall

    Although New South China Mall is the biggest mall in the world, it stands almost entirely vacant. It is the shopping center with the largest gross leasable area and comes second regarding the total area. The leader in this category is the Dubai Mall, which has a zoo, hotel, and theme park. South China Mall opened in 2005 and since then has stood largely vacant, with only a handful of merchants and shops ever leasing a s...
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  • Winchester Mystery House - Home To The Spirits Of Those Killed With Winchester Rifles

    It was once home and personal residence of Sarah Winchester. If by mere accident this happens so sound like a familiar name, that is because Sarah was the wife of gun mogul William Wirt Winchester. The house today bears a rather unusual name - it is called the Winchester Mystery House. As the name would suggest, this place is a labyrinthine oddity, with some quirky features such as the staircase leading to nowhere and doors that open onto a solid wall. View of the mansi...
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  • Three of Toronto's greatest movie theaters simply didn't make it in the long run

    The city of Toronto and its citizens have always had a great cinema culture. The Toronto Film Festival is considered one of the most prestigious in the world. However, as with any city, over the decades, things have changed and some cinemas make room for new and improved ones. This article will review three cinemas that we consider to have had a huge importance in the formation of Toronto's film culture. ...
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  • Dunlawton Plantation and Sugar Mill: the remains of the last sugar mill in East Florida, now part of a botanical garden

    The ruins of the Dunlawton Plantation and Sugar Mill are located near the city of Port Orange in the northeastern part of Florida, USA. Today, the crumbling sugar processing plant and the remains of the other structures of the former plantation are part of the large Dunlawton Sugar Mill Gardens. In the early days of the industrial era, the eastern part of Florida was a region where the growing of sugarcane and the production of the sugar were ...
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  • Montreal's oldest cinemas who are now only part of the city's memory

    Every city changes over the years. And Montreal is no different. Places get to be closed down and abandoned, buildings get demolished. It's just part of the process. But that doesn't mean that they should be forgotten. And this article is dedicated to the city's oldest cinemas who no longer exist.
    The Ouimetoscope As being the first Canadian theater that was entirely devoted showing films, the Ouimetoscope holds a very special place...
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  • Bird Cage Theater - An Abandoned And Reopened Original Theater, Saloon, And Gambling Parlor

    Bird Cage Theater began its days somewhere in the historic city of Cochise County, Arizona, known as Tombstone in the year 1881, during the height of the silver boom. And where there is hard work, there ought to be a place of leisure and games. Bird Cage Theater. Author: RE Hawkins CC BY-SA 3.0 This simple task was what the Bird Cage Theater pulled off for nearly a decade before it officially ended its services and remained abandoned. Its history tells us that it's bar was originally made in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. The stairs to the sta...
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  • Dadipark: The oldest amusement park in Belgium was closed down after a boy lost an arm

    Dadipark is an abandoned amusement park which was opened in the 1950s by the priest Gaston Deweer in the village Dadizele, in the East Flanders province of Belgium. It was made for the children of the pilgrims who served at the Basilica of Our Lady of Dadizele. In the beginning, it was built as a playground, but a few years later the priest turned it into a modern amusement park...
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  • Preston Castle and the unsolved murder of Anna Corbin

    It was once known the Preston School of Industry or simply as Preston Castle. Before its closure, it served as the oldest and most well-known reform schools in the United States and its location is Ione, California, in Amador County. Preston Castle was initially opened in June 1894. This is when seven wards were transferred from San Quentin State Prison. When it comes to the design the one used is the Romanesque Revival architecture. Preston Castle...
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