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  • PROOFREAD Splendid China: a controversial abandoned theme park in Florida

    Located in Four Corners, Florida, near Orlando and Disney World, this theme park was named Splendid China. It opened its doors for the first time in 1993 and was the site of fun and recreation until its closure. The park was named Splendid China after its sister theme park with the same name in Shenzhen, China, which remains open to visitors today. The total cost of building the Florida-based theme park was around $100 million. Splendid China entrance sign. Author: Mark Goebel CC BY 2.0 In its heyday, it was a min...
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  • Murphy Ranch: The ruins of a mysterious 1930s Nazi compound in Los Angeles

    Murphy Ranch in Rustic Canyon, Los Angeles was built in the 1930s as a self-sufficient compound. Since being abandoned in the 1990s, the complex has been visited by many historians, writers, and artists as a result of its mysterious history. It was designed by Winona and Norman Stephens, sympathizers of white-supremacist organization the Silver Legion of America. Another person known to ha...
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  • Underground heaven for artists and urban explorers: The Ghost Stations of the Paris Metro

    The city of Paris has a long history and is known worldwide for its many museums, monuments and famous streets and quarters. The "City of Light" also has more than a century's worth of old history within its underground transportation system. The Paris Metro (Métropolitain) is one of the recognizable symbols of the French capital. After the Moscow Metro, it is the second...
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  • Nocton Hall: The ruins of a country mansion that served as a hospital during the wars of the 20th century

    Nocton Hall, located in Nocton village in Lincolnshire, England is a historic building which dates back to 1530. Originally it was built as a residence and was the home of several owners including Frederick John Robinson, who for a short time was the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. The grand country manor was transformed into a hospital in both the first and second ...
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  • Kilchurn Castle, Scotland: The castle that was abandoned after being damaged by a fire caused by lightening strike

    The evocative ruins of Kilchurn Castle are located on a small peninsula on the northeastern side of Loch Awe in Argyll and Bute, Scotland. The construction of the castle started in the 1440s, and in those days the location, in fact, was an island. The island was connected with the lake shore and became a peninsula in the 1800s when the water level of Loch Awe was lowered. The castle stands on the top of a low and rocky mound...
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  • Boston's Long Island: Sad story of a ghost island

    This Long Island, named like the one in New York due to its shape, is situated in Massachusetts in the middle of Boston Harbor. The island is part of the Boston Harbor Islands National Recreation Area and the City of Boston. Before 2014 the island could have been reached via a road over a 4,175 foot (1,270 meters) causeway from the Squatum peninsula to Moon Island, and then 3,050 foot (930 meters) long steel bridge to t...
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  • Waverly Hills Sanatorium - The Ghost Adventures of Southwestern Louisville

    Closed, abandoned, and vulnerable to vandalism, The Waverly Hills Sanatorium is located in southwestern Louisville/Jefferson County, Kentucky. It was initially opened in 1910 as a two-story hospital made to accommodate between 40 to 50 tuberculosis patients. The need for such a hospital came as an answer to the outbreak of tuberculosis referred to as the White Plague. Major Thomas H. Hays purchased the land known as Waverly Hill in 1883 where he built the Hays' family home. ...
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  • The abandoned Grande Hotel Beira was the most luxurious hotel in Africa

    Known as one of the largest and most luxurious hotels on the continent of Africa, the Grande Hotel Beira was operational for only eight years. It was opened in 1954, but due to lack of guests, it had to close in 1963. The abandoned four-storey building is currently home to over 1, 000 squatters and served as a military base during the Mozambican Civil War. When the urban p...
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  • Zafar Mahal: The ruined royal palace is the last monumental structure built by Mughals

    afar Mahal is the last monumental structure built by the Mughals during the final years of their empire. It served as a summer palace and was named after the last ruler of the dynasty, Bahadur Shah Zafar II. It has two components: the main structure built in the 18th century by Emperor Akbar Shah II and the main entrance gate, known as Hathi Gate, which was reconstructed by Zafar in...
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  • Spiš Castle: One of the largest medieval fortifications in Europe

    The remains of Spiš Castle are situated in the northwestern region of Eastern Slovakia. Spiš Castle is a unique and monumental construction, once the economic, administrative, political and cultural center of Szepes County of the Kingdom of Hungary. With its area of more than 10 acres, it is the second largest castle structure in Central Europe and one of the largest medieval fortifications in Europe. It is placed on a top of a hill formed main...
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  • Michigan Central Station, Detroit's iconic building a sad example of a beautiful ruin

    Michigan Central Station (MCS), also known as Michigan Central Depot, is one of Detroit's most iconic buildings. It was opened on January 4th in 1914 as the tallest train station in the world. The design of the building was made by the same architects who designed New York City's Grand Central Terminal, in the same Beaux-Arts Classical style. Very few people could foresee the growing trend of automobile use at the time it was built. The grand creation of the tallest train stati...
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  • Scott Clifford
    started a topic Abandoned mining town Gilman in Colorado

    Abandoned mining town Gilman in Colorado

    Gilman is an abandoned mining town in Eagle County, Colorado founded in 1886 during the Colorado Silver Boom. Scattered mining operations sprouted along Battle Mountain in 1879, which is the official year the Colorado Silver Boom started. The town of Gilman and larger scale operations were developed in the early 1880s. The architect, so to say, of the town and the operation was John Clinton, a judge, prospector,...
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  • West Virginia State Penitentiary - Part of the Top Ten Most Violent Correctional Facilities list

    Designed in a Gothic style and located in Moundsville, West Virginia, this prison served its time well until the day when it was retired from use in 1995. The design itself bears a striking resemblance with the 1858 state prison in Joliet, Illinois. Both of the structures are almost completely identical complete with turrets and battlements. The only difference is the West Virginia State Penitentiary is half the size. The West V...
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  • Two Guns, Arizona: Cursed ghost town full of history and mystery

    The historic ghost town of Two Guns is situated on the eastern rim of Canyon Diablo about 30 miles east of Flagstaff, Arizona, United States of America. The town, originally known as Canyon Lodge, flourished as one of the significant tourist spots along the famous route 66. The town had a gas station, a cafe, overnight accommodation, a store selling local souvenirs and even a zoo with animals characteristic for the are...
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  • Moonville, Ohio - The Tunnel Where Ghosts Come To Visit

    In the southeastern Brown Township, Vinton County, Ohio, United States one can easily locate Moonville, now nothing more than a ghost town. Almost nothing remains of this once very active mining community, except for a few foundations, the cemetery, and the railroad tunnel; a place where ghosts from times recent and past gather to remind the living of the days long gone. The tunnel in 2015. Author: Mark Spearm...
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  • North Brother Island: New York City's abandoned quarantine island is completely overrun by nature

    The North and South Brother Islands are two small islands that are located between the Bronx and Rikers Island in New York City. South Brother Island is part of Bronx country, and until 2007 it was privately owned, after that it was purchased by the city. North Brother Island functioned as a quarantine site, and it has a big hospital in the middle of it where the sick people...
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  • The Amazing Bodie - one of the best preserved ghost towns in the West

    Bodie is one of the best preserved ghost towns in the West. Its more than 170 remaining buildings are kept in a state of “arrested decay” in the Bodie California State Historic Park.

    After a mine cave-in in 1875 revealed vast quantities of gold ore, people from all over the world rushed to the high desert town. More than 10,000 tons of ore was extracted from the mine before it went bust; making Bodie one of the richest gold strikes in California.

    Abandoned Spaces proudly presents this Guest Piece from Sarah Gautam After the closing of the mine, the t...
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  • Hulett - Abandoned Automatic Ore Unloaders of the Great Lakes of North America

    The Huletts were revolutionary automatic ore unloaders, huge mechanical materials handling machines designed specifically for use at the Great Lakes of North America. Their unsuitability for use in tidewater ports, as they could not adjust to rising and falling water levels, meant that they were rarely used elsewhere. The innovator responsible for designing these automatic unloaders is George Hulett of Ohio. Patented in 1898, the f...
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  • The brand new empty town of Valdeluz in the middle of Spain

    Valdeluz is a city constructed in the province of Yebez in the middle of the Iberian peninsula and Spain. Some consider it a suburb of the capital of Spain, as it is located 37 miles south of Madrid. It was planned to house 30 thousand people but by the end, only around 1,000 took residence there. In 2008 the construction halted with around 75% of the city finished. The main...
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  • Wittenoom: The deadliest asbestos filled ghost town in Australia that's been wiped of the map

    To properly tell the fascinating history of the ghost town of Wittenoom, Australia, we gotta go way back to the beginning when it all started. And it starts with a man by the name of Lang Hancock. Curious by nature and showing an interest in prospecting from a very young age, Lang discovered blue asbestos in a gorge that was near the Mulga Downs Station property. He was only ten years old then and lived with his family, who owned a farming estate on the property. When he became a man, in 1...
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