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  • Gentzrode the abandoned Moorish style mansion in Germany

    The Gentzrode mansion is located in the municipality of Neuruppin, Germany, just outside of the city limits. The town of Neuruppin is also known as Fontanestadt in honor of the great poet Theodor Fontane who was born there. It is also said about this city that is the "most Prussian of all Prussian cities". Johann Christian Gentz: man with an idea Back in 1840 a textile manufacturer and wealthy merchant bought the estate ...
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  • Derelict Hospital - built for 200 patients but housed more that 1500

    Known by the locals as Denbigh Mental Asylum or Denbigh Asylum, and with a status of a Grade II listed building, this institution once housed over 1500 patients. However its designer, the architect Thomas Fulljames, designed this hospital to accommodate between 60 and 200 people. Its construction began in 1844 and was completed just four years later in 1848. The official blueprints show that the hospital once had its own...
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  • The abandoned Third Reich submarine base of Saint-Nazaire

    The marine base of Saint-Nazaire is a large fortified structure built by the Germans during the Second World War. It was conceived to house and do repairs on U-boats. However, since it was the largest marine base the Germans had on the Atlantic Ocean, it also served as a repair station for the biggest battleships. During the Third Reich four more marine bases were built in Occupied France. Submarine base of Saint-Nazaire - Author: KaTeznik - CC BY-SA 2.0...
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  • The largest underground airport & military base in former Yugoslavia

    Željava Air Base is situated on the border between Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, near the city of Bihać. It was the largest underground airport and military base in Yugoslavia and one of the largest in Europe. The base is very strategically situated at the bottom of Plješevica Mountain, using the mountain as a shield. Also the peak of the mountain was a prime place to set up radar systems. It's main purpose was to provide a strategic command center for defense from potential aggressors a...
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  • Fort Wetherill - American Revolutionary War Fort turned now a graffiti heaven

    This former coast artillery fort located on the southern portion of the eastern tip of Conanicut Island in Jamestown dates way back to the American Revolutionary War. Back then in 1776, the Patriot forces (known as Revolutionaries, Continentals, Rebels, or American Whigs) constructed an 8-gun earthwork fortification on top of a land named Dumpling Rock. It was a place of strategic importance overlooking the East Passage toward Newp...
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  • Hot Lake Resort - from lovely hotel to haunted house

    It was a Californian by the name of Samuel Fitzgerald Newhart who built the first structure on land next to the thermal spring lakes at Hot Lake, Union County, Oregon. Naturally, as time went on, the wooden building was knocked down to make room for the assorted bath houses, before foundations of the Colonial Revival style Hot Lake Resort were set into the gr...
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  • The silent, subterranean labyrinth beneath Naples

    Naples is the capital of the Italian region Campania. It is one of the largest cities in the Mediterranean region and one of the oldest, continuously populated cities in the world. The origins of Naples can be traced back to the second millennium BC when Bronze Age Greek villages were built in the Naples area. Naples has been consistently populated from those days and into the modern period. Over the centuries, many differ...
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  • Abandoned places with an utterly scary vibe about them

    There are thousands and thousands of abandoned places around the world. But some of them are more interesting than others because of their alluring qualities and ghost like appearance. Here are some of the scariest ones.
    Willard Asylum for the Chronic Insane The first patient to be treated when the Willard Asylum for the Chronic Insane opened in New York in 1869 was a woman named Mary Rote, who had spent the previous 10 years of her life chained up in a room. Willard Asylum. ...
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  • (Ready) Fort Wadsworth - the longest continually-garrisoned military installation in the United States

    Positioned on The Narrows which divide New York Bay into Upper and Lower Bay, this fortification is the former United States military installation standing proud and tall on Staten Island in New York City. Back in its heyday, it served as a natural point for the defense of both the Upper Bay and Manhattan. Disappearing gun at Fort Wadsworth in 1917. It was once considered the longest continually-garrisoned ...
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  • (Ready) Bhangarh Fort - The abandoned fort of the wizard who fell in love with a princess

    This 17th-century Indian fort, located in Rajasthan state (literally the Land of Kings), is where the local residents draw the basis for their fears. Its legends are nothing short of terrifying. Man Singh I built this sumptuous structure for his younger brother, who went by the name of Madho Singh I.

    In harmony with nature. Photo Credit Madho n...
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  • The old iconic Bahia Honda Rail Bridge in Florida - now abandoned

    The Bahia Honda Rail Bridge is an abandoned bridge situated on the western side of the Bahia Honda Key in the lower Florida Keys. It once connected the Bahia Honda Key with the Spanish Harbor Key. Initially, it was built as a railroad bridge but was later adapted for automobiles as part of the famous Overseas Highway. The Florida Keys are a collection of islands off the coast of Florida. Most of the inhabited islands in the Florida...
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  • Kembla Fortress: One of the many WW2 coastal fortifications in Australia

    During the first half of the 20th century the people of Australia felt the threat of foreign invasion. The threat became extremely real before the starting of the World War II and, especially, the early years from the same war. The world has entered in the most destructive war ever and the enemy was dangerous, attacking from everywhere and at everyplace. The main threat for Australia and its coastline were German raids from submarines and Japanese attacks or invasion. Because of this fear, the Australians and their military authorities decided to built many fortifications along the Australian coast. Also, coastal defence plans and strategies were made in order to counter this threat...
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  • The abandoned hospital where psychiatrists experimented with drastic treatments

    This psychiatric hospital built in 1910 was once a fully functional hospital that was home to about 2,000 patients. It is located in Colchester, Essex, United Kingdom and was designed by the architect Frank Whitmore.

    Severalls Hospital. Photo Credit Sitting on top of 1.21 square kilometers of land it was based on the Echelon plan, which is a specific arrangement of wards, offices, and service...
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  • These abandoned places in Europe are shrouded in mystery

    Not all places that were abandoned are restored and given a second chance. Many of them are left to decay long after they have been deserted, never to restored to their former glory.

    Here are some places that are not widely known about outside the urban exploration community. They remain a hidden mystery within many communities, waiting to be discovered.
    Haludovo Palace Hotel, Croatia
    Palace Hotel, Croatia: destroyed interior. Photo Credit Nobody will be checking...
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  • The Baker Hotel in Mineral Wells, Texas: This abandoned building was a famous spa center in the 1930s and is now shrouded in ghost stories

    The luxurious Baker Hotel is situated in Mineral Wells, Texas and itt was built in a new era when skyscrapers became symbols of the metropolises of the modern United States of America. The Baker Hotel was the first skyscraper built outside of a major metropolitan area and was opened in 1929 - now the Baker Hotel is abandoned and in derelict condition.

    The imposing structure of the Baker Hotel Photo credit The story of the impressive building wi...
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  • The colorful abandoned New York City Farm Colony

    The New York City Farm Colony was once a poorhouse in Staten Island when Staten Island was one of the five boroughs of New York City. The building is located across Brielle Avenue from Seaview Hospital for children just on the edge of the Staten Island Greenbelt. Since 1985, a third of it (around 25 acres or 101,000 square meters) has been under the jurisdiction of the New York City Department of Parks which annexed it into the Greenbelt. Farm Colony building. ...
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  • Used since Roman times until the first electrical lighting in the 20th century

    The open pit mine in Corte do Pinto, Alentejo, Portugal was once the source of a massive amount of sulfide ore deposits. São Domingos Mine was the place where electrical lighting was first used in the Iberian Pyrite Belt that stretches from southern Portugal all the way to Spain.

    Abandoned mine structures. Photo Credit

    São Domingos Mine. Photo Credit For more than 400 years, ...
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  • Letchworth Village: Abandoned institution & site of the first test of the polio vaccine

    It was built for people of all ages with physical and mental disabilities. Located in the in the hamlet of Thiells, Rockland County, New York, this place is was named Letchworth Village in honor of William Pryor Letchworth, a vocal supporter of rights of people with disabilities.

    Letchworth Village building. Photo Credit It was built in a neoclassical style and included buildings such as small dormi...
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  • The Derelict Rock-A-Hoola Waterpark - Once a Fun Spot in the Desert

    This abandoned waterpark in Newberry Springs stands on the eastern edge of the Mojave Desert in Southern California. The park was initially built by a local businessman named Bob Byers for the use of his extended family.

    It began in the late 1950s and early 1960s and went by the name of Lake Dolores Waterpark.

    Rock-A-Hoola panorama. Photo Credit When it was first built, the waterpark was like an oasis in the desert, offering motocr...
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  • Hotel Monte Palace: An abandoned luxury resort in a beautiful setting

    Built in the 1980s, Hotel Monte Palace was more than just a spot for a vacation. It was a chance for many to see the Azores for the first time in their life and to enjoy the natural beauty of Portugal.

    The natural beauty of Azores. Photo Credit The hotel spent its first 10 years as a blueprint on a sheet of paper before the first foundations were even placed. Once complete, it covered some 500,000 square meters. View from the outside. ...
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